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Eco San

Chlorine sanitizer for all low temperature machines.


Grease Strip Plus

High-performance, clinging gel degreaser.



Wash 'n Walk

The industry's best enzymatic, no-rinse cleaner helps prevent grease buildup.


Fast Drying Rinse Additive

Fastest drying rinse additive in the industry, ideal for plasticware.

Stainless Power

Super Concentrated pre - soak for stainless flatware. Powerfull chlorine action removes dulling protein film and restores original sheen


Silver Power

Exclusive formula designed to remove starches and other soils. Detarnishes silverware in the presence of aluminium.


Oasis 146 Multi Quat Sanitizer

It’s an easy spray and wipe, mop bucket or third sink sanitizer application with no rinsing required. Oasis 146 Multi-Quat Sanitizer can also be used to deodorize garbage storage areas, garbage bins, toilet bowls and any other hard nonporous surfaces in odor causing areas.




Oasis 133 All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate

Highly effective all - purpose cleaner and degreaser.


Oasis 115XP

Extra strenght alkaline, ammoniated floor cleaner for dissolving and emulsifying greasy soils.



Grease Express Fryer Cleaner

Safely removes carbonized grease inside the fryer quickly and easily. Extends fryer oil-life and improves food quality.



Mikro Quat

Excellent detergent action, lifts and emulsifies grime and tough dirt.


Mikro Klene

This sanitizer attacks and destroys dangerous pathogens that threaten the young, elderly and sick . Effective sanitizer cleaner of food preparation equipment and other food-contact surfaces.


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